Industrial workplace hazards come in many forms. High levels of noise, confined spaces, falling objects, microscopic particles, dangerous chemicals, electricity, heavy equipment, and the list goes on. Each of your on-site employees is exposed to danger every day.

This is why for example a Take 5 risk assessment booklet is important. The control measures in your workspace translate into safety in the entire environment. While it’s virtually impossible to eliminate all hazards, what you can do is to drop the possibility of them taking place down to a minimum.

The Take 5 risk assessment manual is your guide towards making industrial sites a safer place for everybody. It provides a step-by-step process on how to effectively determine hazards within the surroundings and make sure all identified risks are controlled before commencing activities. It contains a Take 5 safety checklist detailing everything a worker should take note of before and during work. Although this is designed as a pre-start procedure, on-site employees are free to use it as a prompt to monitor hazards while doing tasks.

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